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Mention the words France and taxation in the same sentence and many will start to stutter and maybe even tremble a little. Living in France is all about the life style isn’t it? Surely high taxation is just a fact of life for those whom living in France is either a reality or an ambition?

These common reactions in mind, if I talk about France being a tax haven, the reaction is one of stunned amusement followed by an intrigue to know more, but with an overwhelming sense that it cannot be true.

If the objective is to prove that France is a tax haven, it’s very important to agree on what a tax haven actually is. The dictionary defines a tax haven as “A place where people pay less tax than they would pay if they lived in their own country”.

Many have wrongly assumed it meant tax free and we would never claim that France was that, but in most cases, we have been able to prove again and again that people and their families can actually be better off financially as French tax payers, as well as achieving the lifestyle they always dreamed of.

Kentingtons are presenting seminars on this subject at locations throughout France, where we go through actual case scenarios demonstrating just how much better off people can be as French tax residents compared to the UK.

Please do contact us if you would like to register your interest in an event near you, or you would like to see how we can establish if France can be a tax haven for you.

Is France a tax haven for you?