Investment Advice for Expats in France

When people move to France it is common to have tax questions, however, not everyone considers the actions that they need to take with their savings and investment strategy; many preferring to leave their money where it is, that being familiar and comfortable.

Why Plan for French Tax When Moving to France?

Sticking with what is familiar may be comfortable, however, it may also cost you dearly in excessive tax, administration troubles and conflict with the French tax authorities. UK ISAs, for example, are not recognised in France.

French Tax Friendly Investment Structures

Using French tax friendly investment structures can save considerable tax (income tax; inheritance tax; capital gains tax) for French residents and drastically reduce administration, not to mention ensuring compliance with French law.

French Qualified Advice That is Regulated and Authorised in France

As French qualified and regulated advisers, with significant UK and international knowledge, Kentingtons can help you with your savings and investments, as part of your overall French financial planning. We can explain how your savings and investments will be assessed if they remain where they are, and the tax avoided by following our advice and doing something French tax friendly. The difference in taxation can be notable.

French Tax Friendly Whilst Thinking Global

French tax friendly does not necessarily mean that the money has to be located in France, however, it must comply with French law to gain generous French tax advantages (and, of course, avoid any issues with the French tax authorities).

We offer structures that can be in almost any currency, easily moving between them at minimal cost. Moreover, we consider what happens if / when you leave France, ensuring that it continues to be viable if you choose to move to the UK.

Paperwork is offered in English and there is even tax reporting for the UK, giving you total flexibility and peace of mind.

Investment Philosophy

Our objective is to think low cost, be transparent, be totally impartial, to diversify, focusing on quality. If you would like to know more about our investment philosophy, please follow this link.

Advantages of Being a Client of Kentingtons

Many privileged premium services that Kentingtons provide are exclusive to investment clients, at no extra cost. Kentingtons does not offer standalone tax advice, however, as a client, if you need a tax study, for example, you are selling a property, we will do detailed Capital gains Tax computation for you, and it is all simply just part of the service.


Because of the premium advantages that come with being a client of Kentingtons, our service is exclusive to those with a minimum of €350,000 in liquid assets. This enables us to serve fewer clients, so we have more time for you, whilst keeping costs as low as possible.

If you wish to know more about becoming a client of Kentingtons, please do contact us.

The information on this page is intended only as an introduction only and is not designed to offer solutions or advice. Kentingtons can accept no responsibility whatsoever for losses incurred by acting on the information on this page.

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