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Our Service

From Our Clients

“I had just one contact who dealt with all my concerns. Finally I can relax and enjoy being in France without the worry.”
J Bartle

“I feel like I have just made an amazing new friend. Thank you so much for your help.”
V Joyce

“I’m not an expert on finance, but the report I received from Kentingtons was well laid out and in plain English making everything seem so easy.”
D Longfield

“Thank you for the peace of mind that you have given me”
M Hill

We at Kentingtons are focused solely on providing you with high-quality advice; our objective is not to sell you a product.

We serve private individuals with their personal financial situation, advising on how best to arrange their affairs when they are considering moving to, or are already living in France. Our service is exclusive to those who have at least €250,000 in financial assets.

What is the process?

Good decisions are based on good information, so the first step to becoming a client of Kentingtons is to tell us all about your current financial position. This can be achieved by completing a confidential financial questionnaire (see the “download” link below). It may be sent to us either by e-mail or post. Please rest assured that we are legally bound to keep your information confidential and secure, in line with the rules of the regulator and the CNIL.

Once we have received the questionnaire, we will contact you to arrange an initial discussion on the telephone, (Skype and Facetime are also possible). The initial conversation being on the phone allows us to significantly reduce our charges as, even though other companies may not apply an up front fee for the initial meeting, it is factored in to later charging as an offset (obviously these costs must be me somehow).

The initial discussion is mutually beneficial, permitting us to have a better understanding of your situation, allowing you to learn more about our services and how they will be of value to you. Being on the telephone, this initial discussion is free of charge and obliges you to nothing. We are very confident that you will find the conversation useful, even if you do not make use of our services.

All subsequent advice will be given in writing in the form of a financial report. The latter is designed to protect you, the client; in terms of evidence of the advice you were given, when and by whom. This advice is underwritten by significant professional indemnity insurance and is policed by the French regulator.

Kentingtons work on a fee basis. Any costs for work carried out on your behalf will be fixed and agreed upon during our initial discussion. In fact, by the time we conclude our initial discussion, you will have a full understanding of what you will receive from us, when and at what cost, which will be set out in writing before any work commences or any charges are made.

We ask for a 20% deposit, with the remainder payable on delivery of the financial report.

The financial report will be sent to you directly, allowing you to read and analyse it in your own time. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled to review the report together and answer any questions you may have. This will be a face to face meeting, which may take place anywhere in France or the United Kingdom and is included in the agreed fee.

We will then help you through the process of following our recommendations, referring you to other professionals, such as notaries, should this be required.

Why do we charge a fee?

Many advisors continue to work on a commission basis and will not charge fees directly for their advice. They earn their money from selling investments to you and in turn receive payment from the investment issuer.

Understandably the advisors’ main objective is to sell you something before you even meet!

We at Kentingtons are focused solely on providing you with high-quality advice; our objective is not to sell you a product. The fee gives us the liberty to select companies that do not even pay commissions to the advisor. However, in the event we do receive commission from an investment provider we recommend, this will be used to cover your fee, thus many of our clients end up not paying any fees at all.

Ongoing Service

Those who decide to invest via us will be secure in the knowledge that we are carefully monitoring their investments and ensuring that their tax position is optimised as French tax residents.