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Kentingtons – Financial Advice in France

Kentingtons’ service is providing tax and investment advice, in combination, to private individuals who are moving from the UK to France and to those already living in France (though our service is open to all nationalities).

Chances are, if you have capital in the UK or offshore, you will be voluntarily paying more tax than you need to and will be unaware of all the investment options available that work to your advantage as a resident of France.

There are considerable advantages to becoming a client of Kentingtons. Kentingtons are registered in France as “Conseil en Gestion de Patrimoine Certifié”, basically a qualified adviser on one’s worldwide assets.

This means we can advise on and assist with all personal financial matters, i.e. areas such as wealth tax, income tax, succession law, marriage regimes, capital gains tax and even guidance on the French health system. Our consultants have legal qualification and training demonstrating “compétence juridique appropriée”, or appropriate legal knowledge, allowing us to offer quality guidance on French fiscal law.

This distinction sets us apart from those who can offer counsel on investment strategy, but are not qualified to guide you on the financial consequences of what they are advising.

We are also different in that we do not try and cover lots of different countries. France is unique in many ways and requires a specialist and focused perspective. Since France is our sole focus, we would argue that we know it better than anybody, giving us the edge in giving you the very best guidance.

Kentingtons are not accountants, thus tax administration is not our business and we do not offer a tax form completion service.

People with significant financial assets tend to need more comprehensive guidance and we offer our clients the very best ongoing service and attention, so the Kentingtons service is exclusive to those with €350,000 of financial assets or more. Kentingtons works alongside the world’s leading financial institutions to bring you a truly world-class service.

Our objective is to make your life as simple as possible, allowing you to relax knowing that your financial affairs are legal and in order and that it is your money that is working hard, so you don’t have to.

How We Help

Property Wealth Tax

‘Impôts sur le fortune immobilière’ (IFI) is an evolution of wealth tax, which was one of the largest obstacles to moving to France for many people with significant assets. Learn More

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax, on the sale of quoted shares or collective investments, is a separate tax regime. Learn More

Income Tax

Most people pay less income tax or “impôts sur le revenu” in France than they would as resident of the UK. This is not an outrageous claim but a statement of fact. Learn More

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax in France covers taxation on life and death, so there is no separate “gift tax” as in the UK. Learn More

Succession Law

Succession law is probably one of the most contentious rules for the British moving to France, as it seemingly infringes on our civil liberty to leave our money to whomsoever we please. Learn More

Liquid Assets

Liquid assets are those that can easily be turned into cash, at full market price, thus its value is not at all vague. Learn More

From Our Clients

“I’m not an expert on finance, but the report I received from Kentingtons was well laid out and in plain English making everything seem so easy.”

D Longfield

“Thank you for doing battle with the my local tax office. Thanks to you my tax bill is now half the original!”

S Aspelin

“Kentingtons’ knowledge of the markets and conservative investment approach, makes me feel very confident I am in good hands.”

S Reeves

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