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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need this information?

Good advice is rarely based on little or poor information, so a good level of understanding of your situation is necessary to guide you properly.

How secure is this data?
The questionnaire is encrypted and secure to banking standards. Our obligation is to keep it safe and not share or use it other than to offer you guidance and advice, following the laws as laid out via GDPR and data security protocol under the CNIL.
Why is it useful to create a login?
You might start to complete the form and realise that you are missing information and want to come back to it. Your computer might crash mid-way through it, losing all the data if it is not being saved. You may have completed it and want to add something new. Going back to the form can only be achieved if it is saved, which can only be done by creating a login.
Your website says that this service is available to those with €350,000 or more of liquid assets. How do I define liquid assets?

Liquid assets are those that can easily be turned into cash, at full market price, thus its value is not at all vague. A liquid asset may be a bank account, or a financial investment, such as a share traded on a stock exchange or a bond. The value of these assets are known at the point of purchase.

Property is not deemed to be a liquid asset and it can take a very long time to turn into cash and its value is usually an estimate and subject to negotiation until a final offer is made. Shares in unlisted companies can also be considered the same way, since they are less easy to trade, and their value is a point of negotiation. A grey area is pensions which, in some cases, may be easily turned into cash.