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Should Brexit force a UK Pension Exit?

There has always been a great deal of uncertainty surrounding what happens after Brexit, for many things. One of those anxieties has been the likely loss of EU passporting rights for UK financial services. Until recently, most people have considered that it is...

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C’est la Vie !

This month the editor sent me an article they had come across, in the mainstream French press, about assurance vie and asked me what I thought. Given that many people living in France have an assurance vie, including expatriates, we agreed it as an interesting topic...

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It Is Hard to be an Investor

When it comes to your money these days, it is hard to know what to do. Interest rates are 0.10% in the UK and 0.0% in the rest of Europe. This has led many people to add more of their money to the stock market, or even invest this way where previously not considered....

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Archived News & Articles

Five top tips when selling your house

French Properties Direct is a marketing company which advertises property for sale on behalf of property owners who wish to sell privately. Here Sue Adams, owner of the company, outlines her five top tips for anyone thinking of selling their French property: Selling...

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Social Charge Revolution for Retired UK Expats

If you are a retired UK expat living in France, you will be used to not paying French social charges (CSG / CRDS) on your UK pensions, which is excellent news. This is courtesy of EU law, stating that these charges may not be taken on pensions where the beneficiary is...

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Release your potential (Wealth)

  When it comes to money, most of us would like to have a bit more of it than we do. This may be motivated by the need for new car, a holiday, the security knowing it is there provides or, most importantly, the ability to support those we love. Many of us will...

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New Inheritance law coming this summer

  If you have not been hiding under a rock, you may have heard that a very important law is coming into force that will affect British people living in France and indeed those who just have property here. What is not clear to everybody is exactly what this means...

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Removal of personal allowance for non UK residents

In this year’s budget the UK government announced that it would restrict access to the personal allowance. The “rationale for change” is that people with highly dubious connections to the UK are claiming the UK personal allowance. The consultation period...

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New Additional Tax on Property Gains

Under the last rectifying budget article 24e, an additional Capital gains tax has been introduced for those gains above €50,000, so this is to be applied on top of the rates already in place and is assessed as follows: Taxable Amount Applicable Rate Between €50 000...

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